Learn English, With a Difference.

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This course Learn English. With a Difference is for any of you who wish to be able to understand spoken English, written English and the different English accents and word spellings. It can be very daunting to anyone whose first language may not be English, but it is necessary to have a good understanding of the language. Some of the items we shall be discussing.Word pronunciation and spelling.Different meanings of words sounding the same.American and English spelling.Some different English accents.English "Slang" expressions including some examples of the "Cockney" Rhyming Slang.Putting a basic sentence together, the correct use of Comma's, Full Stops and Paragraphs.These are just a few things that we will discuss and help give you a better understanding of the English language.For anyone living in England or working with English people, where English is not their first language, it can be sometimes difficult to fully understand a discussion. I am English, born in a town called Chesterfield in Derbyshire. We have our own accent, just like Liverpool, Birmingham, Newcastle, The West Country and of course London. You will find different accents in Wales and Scotland, some of which I even find difficult to understand.There is also a lot of confusion with spelling where there are "Silent" letters. I will show you these.I will demonstrate some examples to help you, and there will be a number of quizzes available for you to completeWho should Take This Course? Anyone can take this course if you have the very basics of English.People who use English on a daily basis but wish to improve their understanding.Anyone who associates with English people from different parts of England and would like to understand the different accents. This course will help you.This is just a short description explaining what you will learn but there is a lot more that you will learn if you take the Learn English, With a Difference.There are a number of quizzes that you can complete after each section to help you reinforce your knowledge and gain confidence.At the end of the course, you will feel confident writing, reading and communicating in English.The majority of the course consists of video tutorials where I will explain all the different aspects of the English Language.The more you can use it, the better you will be,So if you are really serious about learning English, With a Difference, then this course is for you. Enroll on this course and you can be learning Today.


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